Factors affecting demand for dental implant treatment: a patient-centered observational study

Authors: Nil Yakar, Onurcem Duruel, Güliz N. Güncü, Erdem Karabulut, Nermin Yamalik


Aim: Patients’ decisions upon treatment are influenced by wide array of factors. The aim of the study was to investigate the reasons to prefer dental implants. Methods: Clinical evaluation forms were assessed retrospectively. The reasons were analyzed with Chi-square and t-tests. The independent variables with a p value less than 0.15 in univariate analysis were selected to include into the multiple logistic regression model as potential predictors. The final model in multiple logistic regression was obtained by backward elimination technique. Results: Data of 483 participants (364 female, 119 male) exhibited that patients with higher education level (p<0.0001), patients with less than 20 teeth (p=0.044) and patients who experienced implant surgery previously (p=0.033) demand implants more. Request for dental implant treatment decreases by age (p=0.039). Conclusions: Preference for dental implant treatment may influence by age, education level, number of natural teeth, previous treatment experience, economic status and familiarity.

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