IAP 14th International Biennial Congress


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Apoptotic Activity of Gingival Crevicular Fluid from Localized Aggressive Periodontitis Huwaida Makhoul, Jill Bashutski, Sindhu Halubai, Darya Dabiri, Erika Benavides and Yvonne L. Kapila Download
Anatomical Landmarks of Maxillary Bifurcated First Premolars and Their Influence on Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment Reem Dababneh, DDS, MSc and Rania Rodan, BDS, JB Download
IAP 14th International Biennial Congress Download
The Correlation of Serum and Gingival Crevicular Fluid Cytokines in Obese Subjects Robert A. Fell, Kwan-Yat Zee and Manish Arora Download
Prevalence of Periodontal Pathogens and Metabolic Control of Type 1 Diabetes Patients Rok Schara DDS, PhD, Eva Skaleric DDS, PhD, Katja Seme MD, PhD and Uros Skaleric DDS, PhD Download